ARUWE Uganda

Women Economic and Social Strengthening

Women economic strengthening is a prerequisite for inclusive and equitable growth as it increases the participation of women in the economic development process and enhances women’s access to economic opportunities. Women in Uganda face several barriers to seizing economic opportunities that stem from either economic, political, or social exclusion. There are many persistent challenges for narrowing the gender gap such as, gender-based violence, inequitable access to post-primary education, early marriages, teenage pregnancies, and exclusion from socio-economic opportunities.

ARUWE therefore focuses on provision of enterprise development services including training (technical, life-skills, digital), business advisory services, and women’s networks that facilitate market linkages, value chain and transforming negative social norms that prevent women from engaging in business activities. This program further enhances women’s capacity in sustainable agriculture, access to land, leadership and finance resources for women entrepreneurs. ARUWE also focuses on empowering women with skills and tools to improve their leadership and incomes. This includes sustainable farming methods and promotion of value addition, access to financial services. Increasing access to women owning land through sensitization on the land tenure system and supporting land registration for women.