ARUWE Uganda

Sustainable Health Communities


In this program, ARUWE focuses mainly on women and girls’ health related issues such as reproductive health, Gender based violence, HIV/AIDS, Menstrual hygiene management, Water and sanitation and nutrition.

We focus on tackling the common root causes of these health related issues such as ignorance, lack of access to information, access to quality and affordable health care, poverty, gender inequality and human rights’ violation.

We belief health is a human right which should be enjoyed by all without any form of discrimination. Therefore, we are empowering communities to demand, access and utilize affordable, available and quality health services, WASH structures and menstrual hygiene resources. We are also ensuring that no individual is a victim of gender based violence through human rights awareness and case management support.

Strategic objectives

  1. To increase women and girls access to and utilization of SRHR &HIV services by 2026
  • Forming and strengthening partnerships with other stakeholders.
  • Donors, CSOs/ networks &coalitions CBOs, Women & girls, Government (local, district, national
  • Staff Capacity building staff and partner capacity to implement health programs
  • Resource mobilization for health
  • Policy &Budget advocacy for health (District, National)
  • Develop an Advocacy strategy for health
  • Evidence building and learning (research)
  • Documentation & Dissemination
  • Community engagements: Dialogues, Forums, Trainings, awareness campaigns, ü Communication strategy, News, IECs, Awareness campaigns messaging.
  1. To empower communities in GBV prevention and response by 2026.
  • Trainings
  • IECs
  • Tracking
  • Referrals
  • Partnerships
  • Documen4tation
  • Research
  • Media
  1. To improve accessibility to safe water, sanitation facilities &hygiene practices for households and H/Fs by 2026
  • Trainings
  • Enterprise
  • Methodology
  • Providing supplies
  • IECs
  • Partnerships
  • Documentation
  • Research
  • Media involvement
  1. Advocate and influence policy formulation and implementation for improved health service delivery

Key interventions

  • Training in Advocacy for community structures
  • Development of advocacy strategy
  • Community led engagements with duty bearers