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And they were the first!

  • Project: Technologies with a special focus on biogas production in Uganda, June 2014, branded the month of innovation. Words ‘silently uttered’ from the lips of the ARUWE electives (the above paradox can be attributed to the fact that this phrase was very speedily cultivated in the mind of the writer, nonetheless an undisputed reality). Well, I’ll leave it to the reader to conclude either in agreement or otherwise (but we won’t talk about that..)
    Last month, ARUWE In coalition with Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF), Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association (INSEDA) and Women’s Action for Development (WAFD) piloted an innovative workshop with the aim of demonstrating a pioneering method of utilizing bamboo within the realm of the ever popular global epidemic known as green technology. The project was focused in Mulagi Sub County, Kyankwanzi District. With the mind of Georges Lemaitre, dare I say it! Here comes the bang! This technology was the first of its kind in Uganda! (For the many who absconded at the last junction, Mr Lemaitre is otherwise known as the Father of the Big bang theory).

    Furthermore, the initiative boasted practical benefits, evident even from an educational perspective as two satisfied engineering students gleefully noted. Michael Lubega, one of the students vowed that he would “ use these skills to train others in the same and also communicate the outcomes including clean energy, manure, preserved fruit, vegetables and herbs as well as clean and safe water.” Paul Kirabo gleamed saying “I have learnt how to mix mortar, take measurements, making bamboo strips and constructing all the technologies I have been trained in.”

    The project stood on the foundation principle of ‘seed training’, thus empowering the trained inhabitants to hold tight to the propelling animal that is demand driven advocacy. Moreover, ARUWE being rurally centered in implementation was best placed to demonstrate very practically the cost effectiveness of this innovative technology in an area where cost matters! Hence, we plan to document and promote this technology further via various platforms with an eye to supply.

    It is left to conclude that the month of June was indeed a month of innovation and growth for the inhabitants of ARUWE town.

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