• Ms. Judith Kevin Nassaka: Chairperson: Judith Kevin Nassaka has been ARUWE’s board chairperson since June 2014. As Board chairperson, her role is to manage and provide leadership to the Board of Directors. Since 2010, Kevin has been working with Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) Microfinance, a financial institution that aims at improving the general livelihoods of the rural active poor by offering access to micro credit facilities to support their family economic activities and uplift their household health conditions. She is currently the Head of Operations with VAD Microfinance Ltd. Read More >>

  • Mr. Joseph Balikudembe Kiwanuka: Vice Chairperson: Joseph Balikuddembe Kiwanuka is a professional teacher and a social worker. He has also got a wealth of experience in administration and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the ARUWE board, Joseph served as a commissioner for education in the Ministry of Education, Buganda Kingdom. He has also served on a number of school governing boards as well as management teams. Joseph has got a keen interest in uplifting the livelihoods of the underprivileged especially the girl child. Read More >>

  • Ms. Phionah Nakamatte: Treasurer : Phiona has over 8 years of professional working experience in the banking sector executing tasks and responsibilities related to human resources management, administration, financial planning and customer relations. Presently, she is a banking officer at Orient Bank Uganda.

    Phionah has been ARUWE’s board treasurer since June, 2014. In her role, she oversees the financial affairs of the organisation, ensuring its financial viability and that proper financial records and procedures are maintained. She is responsible for planning for the financial security and long-term sustainability of ARUWE. Read More >>

  • Ms. Priscilla Nkwenge: Member: Priscilla Nkwenge is a development practitioner with over 11 years’ experience in executing development related work. She has vast experience in community based approaches to project cycle management, research, strategic planning, collaboration and partnership building. Currently, she is the Hygiene & Sanitation specialist, for Deloitte Uganda Limited; on the UNPOS/GSF-funded USF project as well as a research coordinator (part-time)-Global health, University College London in collaboration with National Union of Persons with Disabilities (NUDIPU). Read More >>

  • Mr. Joseph Kakeeto Kizito: Member: Joseph Kakeeto Kizito is a Senior Research Officer in the Department of Research Services under the Finance and Economy Division at the Parliament of Uganda. He has extensive knowledge on social development in Uganda, having served as a Manager at Voluntary Action for Development (Local NGO) from 2002-2007, prior to joining the Parliament of Uganda in 2008.
    Joseph has research interests in a broad range of cross-cutting economic issues of national regional and Global importance. Read More >>