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  • And they were the first!

    Project: Technologies with a special focus on biogas production in Uganda, June 2014, branded the month of innovation. Words ‘silently uttered’ from the lips of the ARUWE electives (the above paradox can be attributed to the fact that this phrase was very

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    POSTED ON   2015-12-16 03:41:17

  • Set your sights on human rights!

    Excited faces beseeched us, expectant minds, with a longing to be armed with the penetrating artillery that is human rights awareness. Cooped in a cosy hut situated at the centre of the Mulagi sub county was a flame that begged the attention of a nurturing party.

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    POSTED ON   2015-12-16 03:27:54

  • The Youth is the Future!

    Uganda has the youngest population in the world with its 78% of the population being below the age of 30. Now this seems positive, as there is much potential within this group to become a source of innovative and financial growth for the country. Nevertheless, with the

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    POSTED ON   2015-12-16 03:22:19

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