ABOUT ARUWE: General Information

  • Who we are:

    Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment (ARUWE) is a non-profit, non-government organization working with marginalized groups of people, especially rural women and children in Uganda. ARUWE was established in 2003 as a community based organization and later registered as an NGO in 2008 with functional governance structures that include a board of five members, a senior management team and staff.

    Initially, the organization started its operations in Wakiso district supporting women to increase agricultural production for household food security and income generation. Currently, ARUWE operates in the central and north-eastern regions of Uganda focusing on socio-economic empowerment of women and children.

    ARUWE is a member of several networks including; Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM), Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET) where it sits on the gender committee, National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU), Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA), Kiboga, Kyankwanzi and Mpigi District NGO forums, National NGO Forum and Human Rights Network Uganda (HURINET-U).

    A key goal of ARUWE so to partner with organisations and individuals with compelementary missions and everything we do seems inter-linked with efforts of others. We work in ana environment of constant change that inspires us to partner with others to achieve more. In order to partner with you or your organization we must have harmony of purpose, skills and strategy that will enable us to maximize our contributions for the combined vision of success.

    This website is an invitation, we want to help you better understand ARUWE and then evaluate how we may partner with you. It may not be sudden or easy, but nothing that is of any importance has happened without a great deal of effort and time. Strong relationaships are not built overnight.

    We now have a new year 5year Strategy in which we fill focus on promoting Sustainable health communities; Education and lifelong learning; woemn economic and social strengthening and; Climatic change resileince. Please join us in changing lives of so many rural women and children of Uganda.

  • Vision

    A world in which women and children realize their full social-economic and civic potential.

  • Mission

    To empower Women to initiate and manage their social-economic development processes through strengthening community participation, advocacy and service provision.